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Nurmes believes in green energy and bioindustry

Nurmes Biopark is a hub for recycling business and green industry

Nurmes Biopark provides an excellent platform for businesses operating in the fields of renewable energy and recycling. 

The total surface area of the industrial park is 50 hectares. The park has been designed to boost businesses that follow the principles of sustainable development and produce products and services that are carbon-neutral, resource-efficient and environment-friendly.

Development on Nurmes Biopark

Nurmes Biopark development project was started by the city of Nurmes in 2013. The city has zoned the area, designed and built the basic infrastructure and carried out an environmental impact assessment process which was concluded in 2015.

City of Nurmes has developed Biopark with great determination and invested approximately 3 million euros in it. Nurmes Biopark has also received support from the Regional Council of North Karelia and the Finnish Transport Agency.


Several companies are already operating in Nurmes Biopark:

*KME Ltd has set up a bioterminal where the company collects and sells energy wood.

*Koneurakointi S. Kuittinen Ltd has constructed a modern maintenance and office facility. The company specializes in wood transport and archipelago wood procurement.

*Kuljetusliike Pellikka Ltd has established a field for recycling discarded construction wood and soil materials. 

*Starting October 2018 Nurmes Biopark will host a railroad terminal for loading roundwood and other cargo.

Many new business plans for Biopark are under construction and include e.g. sawmill, biocoal and biodiesel factories, and a CHP plant.


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Contact details

Pasi Parkkinen Mayor of the city of Nurmes +358 4010 45001 pasi.parkkinen(at)