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Made in Nurmes

The economic structure of the City of Nurmes is highly varied. This small city is home to a range of thriving companies and great products, with several brands of which the locals are proud.

So what is Nurmes famous for? Here are some examples.

Karelian delicacies

Nothing beats the  smell and taste of fresh baked bread and pasties produced by our local professional bakeries, Porokylän Leipomo Oy and Pielispakari Oy. These products are handmade with love and care and baked in high tech ovens with a stone base.

Pielispakari believes in the genuine Karelian culinary tradition, but has spiced it up with modern innovations and products. This is also the approach taken by Porokylän Leipomo, which is also known for its wide range of gluten-free bakery products.
Did you know that you can find both Porokylän leipomo and Pielispakari products almost anywhere in Finland? Both brands are nationally known, with the related delicacies being sold in many parts of Finland.

Nurmeksen Kala Oy's fresh fish from the shores of Lake Pielinen, Pielisen Kalajaloste Oy's smoked and canned fish and Nurmeksen Filetuote Oy's fresh, frozen steaks are enjoyed in thousands of households.

Did you know that pork fillets produced by Nurmeksen Filetuote are used in Hesburger's rye fillet hamburgers? Hesburger is a Finnish fast food chain with restaurants all over Finland.


High quality textiles worldwide

The textile companies Sasta Oy and Tesema Oy export hiking and camping clothes and socks to countries all over the world.

Sasta Oy is a Finnish family enterprise with deep roots in Nurmes since 1969. Nowadays, it is a leading expert on hunting and hiking wear: a quarter of its sales are made in international markets with the goal of enlarging the company's market share. Its products are designed and tested in the actual conditions in which they are used.

Tesema Oy was established in Nurmes in 1989. The company has been a reliable supplier of socks for needs of all kinds in both Finland and abroad ever since.

Did you know that the Finnish army wears Tesema socks?


Strong wood and metal industry

Forestry is a strength of Nurmes in various ways. Both Koneurakointi S. Kuittinen Oy and Motoajo Oy have a long and well-known history as forestry machine companies covering a range of applications. Binderholz Nordic sawmill in Nurmes has the capacity to produce 210,000 cubic meters of pine lumber per year. Iivari Mononen Oy's factory in Höljäkkä manufactures impregnated wooden poles that are exported around the world.

The core of Nurmes' metal industry consists of six top companies based in the city and known as the "Metal Fist". These companies have served Finland's metal industry, engineering sector and extractive industry for around twenty years. The core companies of the Metal Fist include Nurmeksen Nurmeksen Metalli Oy, Nurmeksen Työstö ja Tarvike Oy, Pielisen Metalli Ky, Saher-Aidat Oy, PK-Levy Oy, and Katatec Oy.The Metal Fist consists of growing companies that are continuing to expand and build their own networks of subcontractors.

Did you know that the traditional Finnish Porinmatti fireplaces are now made in Nurmes?

What next?

Nurmes strongly believes in green energy and the bioindustry, and the construction of a special industrial area for green energy is well under way. The future will show what kinds of bioindustry specialities we have to offer to nationwide or even worldwide markets.

Positive surprises are also in prospect from rural enterprises. Local farmers are actively involved in the development of the countryside: many modern production farms are in operation in Nurmes and new investments are being made each year.

Keep your eyes peeled!

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