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The North Karelia Employment and Economic Development Office provides help in applying for jobs. Its address is:

Nurmeksenkatu 25, 75500 Nurmes

Open from Monday to Friday by appointment only 9–12 and 13–16

Telephone service (from Mon to Fri) 9.00–16.15):

0295 025 500 (individual clients)
0295 043 183 (corporate and employer clients)

The Employment and Economic Development Administration job pages lists thousands of open jobs throughout Finland. You can find open jobs in Nurmes by typing Nurmes in the space marked ‘location' (Alue, Maakunta, kunta ja ulkomaat).

Public employment and business services TE-services (in English)

The City as Employer

The City of Nurmes employs approximately 490 persons (1.10.2015).

Open positions are continuously advertised in


Advice and assistance in establishing a business

Pielinen Karelia Development Center Ltd PIKES

The Pielinen Karelia Development Center Ltd PIKES is a company established by the towns of Lieksa and Nurmes and the municipality of Valtimo on 1 July 2006. PIKES' business concept involves the active steering and realisation of the Pielinen Karelia area's development and regeneration.

Pielinen Karelia Development Center Ltd

Nurmeksen Yrittäjät ry

Local advice and assistance in establishing a business in the Nurmes area

Nurmeksen Yrittäjät ry
Chairperson Mrs Ella Kärki
+358 (0)40 510 3289

Nurmeksen Yrittäjät ry

North Karelia Enterprise Agency

The North Karelia Enterprise Agency offers free and confidential advice to entrepreneurs planning to establish new enterprises.

North Karelia Enterprise Agency