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Nurmes Museum

Nurmes Museum is a cultural history museum that collects, records, examines and presents the local cultural heritage. It was established in 1948 after the old market town of Nurmes gained a significant collection of artefacts of cultural and historical importance. Currently, the museum's collection includes 20,000 artefacts and 80,000 photographs.

The museum operates at two locations: Kötsi Museum in the Nurmes House is open around the year. Ikola is the location of the museum's storage and working facilities and the outdoor Ikola Museum that is open in the summer.

The exhibition at the Ikola Museum showcases local agriculture, dairy operation, the history of Kuokkastenkoski ironworks, and the development of the fire services. In addition, the basic exhibition contains an entity on the history of Udd's store that was located at the market square and operated in 1904–2002; the exhibition contains material from the 1960s and the 1970s. There are goats at Ikola that can also be visited outside the opening hours.  Visitors are allowed to take a dog with them to the Ikola Museum's exhibitions. Opening hours and ticket prices will be updated for summer 2022.

Kötsi Museum is located in the Nurmes House designed by architect Erkki Helasvuo. The basic exhibition of the museum presents the history of Nurmes from various points of view. The space for changing exhibitions presents both touring exhibitions produced by other museums and changing exhibitions that are the museum's own production. Kötsi Museum is open Mon–Fri at 10:00 to 16:00. Free entry.

Contact information:

Ikola Museum +358 40 104 51 54 (map)
Kötsi Museum +358 40 104 51 53 (map)

Museum Director Meri Rossander +358 40 104 5152 (meri.rossander(at)nurmes.fi)
Curator Laura Hotulainen +358 40 104 5151 (laura.hotulainen(at)nurmes.fi)