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Services in Nurmes

In this section we have put together various services that Nurmes has to offer.

Municipal services

The City of Nurmes offers excellent basic services for various life situations. You will find basic information on which municipal services are available to Nurmes residents. More detailed information is accessible on the City webpages in Finnish.

The city provices also versatile options for leisure activities. We have a good city library and cultural services including museum, for example.

Hyvärilä Youth- and Holidaycentre, as a part of Nurmes Group, offers a pleasant environment and perfect settings for holidays, meetings, seminars, celebrations, sauna evenings and youth events. PielisAreena Sport hall and the location close to the nature provide good facilities especially for the sports enthusiasts.

Other services

There is much to see and experience in Nurmes. There are plenty of activities and attractions to choose from. Nurmes also offers countless possibilities to explore nature as well as hike and fish, not to mention the area's rich food culture. More information can be found on the Visit Karelia webpages.