What visiting in Nurmes feels like?

What visiting in Nurmes feels like?

It’s the first time i’m traveling into another country and it’s Finland. Before traveling i heard about much snow, big forests and coldness, so i was really curious to see the country.

First i arrived in Helsinki and i was disappointed because there was no snow. After 2 hours waiting for the next flying to Kuopio i was in the plane and looked outside after a few minutes, i saw snow and i was happy because in germany is snow really rare. After landing in Kuopio my the first think was to feel the snow. Then i drove to Nurmes. I arrived late in Nurmes so i got the key for my room and then go to sleep.

A day later i got my bicycle and drove thru Nurmes to see the city and other things like the markets, restaurants or the big beautiful church. It was really nice to see the little city, the people and the things in it.

The Nature was beautiful to see! it’s one of the most prettiest thing in Finland! On the 01.03.20 i was in the Koli national park for snowshoeing that was really cool and i took a lot of pictures and videos.

The only thing that makes me finish is the coldness, because i don't know such low temperatures.

A few days later i had my first conversation with the Nurmes city management to work as a trainee for 2 month.

I’m excited to see what’s next.

Written by Tim, trainee