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Immigrant services

The objective of immigrant integration is to support the adjustment of people who have moved to Finland from abroad into Finnish society and culture in such a way that the immigrants would be able to participate equally in the operation of the society and in cherishing their own culture. Integration is regulated by the Act on the Promotion of Integration.

The local social services are responsible for the guidance and counselling of immigrants, initial assessment, preparing integration plans and tasks related to the reception of immigrants at the municipal level. Their task is to help immigrants integrate by guiding them in the service network of the society.

A unique integration plan is created for immigrants. The integration plan for people of working age is prepared in cooperation with the TE Office.

Services are free of charge and confidential.

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Contact details

Maarit Haatanen leading social worker +358 13 330 5400 maarit.haatanen(at)siunsote.fi
Eija Majuri-Kontiainen social worker +358 13 330 5433 eija.majuri-kontiainen(at)siunsote.fi