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Information for people arriving from Ukraine

If you have fled Ukraine due to the Russian invasion, you can now stay in Finland without a visa, apply for asylum or apply for temporary protection.


Entry into the country

In any matters regarding your entry into the country, you can get help from the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri).

You have the right:

  • to stay in Finland for three months without a visa, provided that you have a biometric passport. Read more about the necessary documents and visas on the website of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.
  • apply for asylum in Finland. You can apply for asylum in person, by visiting either the police or a border control official. An application for asylum cannot be submitted at the Finnish Immigration Service’s locations or at a reception centre.
  • apply for a residence permit based on other grounds, such as family relationship or employment.
  • apply for temporary protection.

More information on Finnish Immigration Service’s website:
  Russia's attack on Ukraine (
  Frequently asked questions about Russia's attack on Ukraine and its effects on Russian citizens (
  Printable instructions for people fleeing Ukraine (

What to do when you arrive in Finland from Ukraine

  • You can stay in Finland for three months without a visa. In this case, you do not need to register anywhere or notify anyone. Please note, however, that you are not entitled to the services of reception centres or municipal services if you do not have a residence permit. However, emergency accommodation and urgent medical treatment can be arranged for you if necessary.

The Eastern Finland Police has introduced a service number and an email address for people applying for international, i.e. temporary protection, and those applying for asylum. The police will receive all necessary information for arranging the receival of the application through this service number and email address.  Based on the information received, the police will arrange the receival of the client’s application at the nearest regional centre, i.e. at the Mikkeli, Kuopio or Joensuu Police Station.

The service number is available from Monday to Friday 9 am–3 pm. In the future, any inquiries related to the reception of protection applications will be directed to the centralised service number of international protection,

  +358(0) 295 455 380

The police serve customers both in Finnish and English at the service number and email address. We request that anyone working with people applying for international protection or other helpers first contact the police through this service number or via email before visiting the police station. This will facilitate the application process.

After receiving a residence permit, you are entitled to services provided either by the local authorities or a reception centre.

Siun sote (social welfare and health care services)

You are entitled to emergency care via public health care as well as essential social welfare services.

Siun sote is the provider of municipal social and health care services in Nurmes and the entire North Karelia. The services are available in English online at

In urgent situations, you can turn to emergency social and crisis services

  +358 13 330 9002.

Social welfare offices (social services for working age people) provide service guidance and advisory services 

  +358 13 330 2810.

Urgent social assistance and basic social assistance (for expenses such as food or medication) can be applied for via the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (KELA):

Mental health and substance abuse services serve clients with psychological illnesses or mental health problems. The treatment coordinators of mental health services help you find a solution for mental health issues on weekdays

  +358 13 330 2145.

With regard to healthcare services, the Medical Helpline of the North Karelia Central Hospital will help you in any urgent matters related to healthcare around the clock. If you are seeking healthcare services due to symptoms of an infection, please book an appointment in advance

  116 117.

Further information:

  In Finnish: Ohjeita Ukrainasta saapuville (
  In English: Instructions when arriving from Ukraine (

In case of serious life-threatening illnesses and accidents, always call the general emergency number, 112.

Calling the emergency number is free of charge. A 112 application is also available for smartphones (Android, iOS), and the emergency call can also be made via the app. This automatically forwards the caller’s location data to the Emergency Response Centre. An emergency call must never be ended before you are permitted to end the call by the Emergency Response Centre. Do not call the emergency number in any non-urgent matters.

The emergency call instructions are now also available in Ukrainian for Ukrainian people arriving in Finland.

  You can print out the form from the Material Bank.

  Safety information in Ukrainian - Інформація про безпеку

Crisis work

In the Siun sote region, crisis work is coordinated by intensified psychiatric open care for adult psychiatry

  +358 13 330 2132.

The emergency number of Siun sote local crisis group is

  +358 13 330 7438 (crisis situations)

North Karelia Crisis Centre

Trained crisis workers offer discussion support. Crisis support is a short-time form of support, comprising a couple of appointments. It aims to prevent mental health issues and mental load from becoming chronic.

Appointment booking on weekdays 10 am–4 pm, 

  +358 13 316 244.

Appointments are held in person, via phone or via a Team connection. The appointments are free of charge for the clients. No records will be kept about the appointments, and anonymous visits are possible if the client so wishes.

The service language is Finnish or English, whilst interpretation services will also be made available if necessary.


The Social Insurance Institution of Finland, Kela, oversees the process of granting basic social assistance in Finland. You can find more details on Kela’s website:
Kelan etuudet Ukrainasta sotaa paenneille | Henkilöasiakkaat | Kela



As an asylum seeker, you will be allowed to work within three or six months after applying for asylum. If you do not have a visa, you can work in certain positions.

If you have been granted a residence permit based on temporary protection, you have the right to start working immediately.

More information on the Finnish Immigration Service’s website.

News from Ukraine in different languages

In Russian:

  Yle news in Russian

  News of the war in Russian, by Helsingin Sanomat, Dagens Nyheter and Politiken

  Information about the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Finnish Government

In English:

  Yle news in English

  Information about the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Finnish Government


Services by the City of Nurmes

Employment Services in Nurmes

The Nurmes office of Employment Services is open on Mondays between 9 am and 12 noon and between 1 pm and 3 pm. Outside these hours, you can book an appointment by submitting a contact request through the Oma asiointi online service, at the office or with the forms by the mailbox. You can also deliver documents to the office mailbox outside the office hours. 

  Nurmeksenkatu 25, 75500 Nurmes

   PL 93, 80101 Joensuu

  Employment services (TE-palvelut)

  Registration as a client (for people arriving from Ukraine)


Services of the Employment Unit

As part of its work for managing employment, the City of Nurmes is hiring unemployed job seekers living in Nurmes for fixed-term employment in different roles at different city departments. These departments include, for example, urban structure services; cleaning, facility management and park maintenance works; and well-being services.

An employment counsellor can, for example:

- help review the available wage-subsidised jobs, together with the city’s supervisors

- support and guide clients in wage-subsidised jobs and job trials in making further plans

- help you find an apprenticeship place in city units

- find a suitable workplace for a jobseeker who is covered by the employment obligation.

Previous professional competence will be taken into account in the employment when possible.



Information for foreign employees on the basic principles of employment in Finland:

  As a foreign employee in Finland - - Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Instructions in Ukrainian:


Rental housing with Kiinteistö Oy Nurmeksen Vuokratalot can be inquired by contacting RTL-Isännöinti Oy, 

  +358 10 4399 040, or by email via


  Teollisuustie 1, 75530 Nurmes, and our service hours are from Monday to Thursday 8.15 am–3 pm, Friday 8.15 am–1 pm. 


Early childhood education and care

Early childhood education and care services include municipal daycare service, family daycare and pre-primary education as well as home care allowance and private care allowance. Early childhood education and care comprises services intended for families with children, which the parents need due to their work, studies or other reason.

Nurmes has five daycare centres. We also offer early childhood education and care in a home-like environment in family daycare as an alternative to daycare centre services. Family caregivers can be found around the city.

The application process for early childhood education and care takes place online via the Daisy e-service (eDaisy).

Daycare centre places can be applied for the coming season (1 August–31 July) in February and March. Outside this time, children can be accepted into groups if places become available mid-season.

Family daycare and shift daycare places can be applied for around the year.

Submit your application at least four months in advance before the child needs a place in early childhood education and care. If it is not possible to estimate when the need for a place in daycare will start and the need for daycare place is due to finding work or getting a place to study, the place in daycare must be applied for as soon as possible, at the latest two weeks before the need for a place in early childhood education and care starts.

  Early childhood education and care pages

Open daycare centre

Open daycare centre is a free-of-charge meeting place for parents and under school-aged children living in Nurmes.

The open daycare centre allows the parents to meet with other adults in a similar life situation and to share their experiences. The employees are there to listen to the parents, who can bring up matters and questions on their mind with the employees. The open daycare centre arranges programme for children and families.

  Karjalankatu 1A, open on Mon–Wed and Fri from 9 am to 12 noon.

  Open daycare centre – Nurmes

Basic education

As a resident of Nurmes, you can apply for a school place for your child immediately after arriving in the country and after fleeing Ukraine, if you have applied for an asylum or temporary protection. A school place can be applied for by submitting a form to the wellbeing services office. Basic and pre-primary education is provided in Nurmes for children between the ages of six and seventeen.

In Nurmes, children are enrolled in pre-primary education via a form intended for this (Esiopetukseen ilmoittautuminen) and in basic education by filling in the Oppilastietoilmoitus student admission form.


  Information about basic education

Recreational services by the City of Nurmes:

The objective of the City of Nurmes’s recreational services is to provide city residents of all ages with recreational services.  Recreational services support the operations of sports societies; provide exercise services for special groups as well as swimming lessons and fitness services; and maintain, design and develop sports facilities and manage their use in a fair manner, in accordance with their intended purposes.

Recreational services put together a hobby booklet for children and young people, presenting various recreational activities. You can also find the local sport facilities and outdoor recreational paths on the recreational services’ website.

  Sports and recreation – Nurmes

  Hobby booklet

Culture and library

Culture for people of all ages
Nurmes House offers culture for people of all ages. Our shared living room features a library, a gallery, a museum and Hannikainen Hall, an auditorium that also transforms into Cinema Kino Hannikainen. Nurmes House is also a venue for music and dance education, guided exercise activities and various Adult Education Centre’s courses.

Nurmes House is open on weekdays from 9 am to 7 pm and on Saturdays from 9 am to 3 pm, as well as in connection to events held in Hannikainen Hall. There is also a cafe in the building, Café Harju.

  Sports and recreation – Nurmes

In the library, you can borrow books, read magazines and use the computer, for example. You will need a free library card to borrow the library materials. You need an ID in order to be granted a library card. If you do not have an ID, you can be given a temporary library card. Library services are free of charge.

  Vaara Libraries

  Nurmes City Library

Adult Education Centre

Ylä-Karjalan kansalaisopisto is a general adult education centre owned and maintained by the City of Nurmes.

Most of the courses are intended for people over the age of 16, but the centre also provides art education, such as dance courses, for children and young people.

The centre offers courses in subjects such as art, music, dance, sports, languages and IT.

The courses arranged by the Adult Education Centre are presented in our annual programme leaflet sent to your home or via this link


Hyvärilä Youth and Holiday Centre

Hyvärilä Youth and Holiday Centre offers diverse hobby and recreational opportunities at a beautiful spot by Lake Pielinen. 

You can freely come and enjoy the Hyvärilä area. It features beach volley courts, a beach, a parkour park, a disc golf course, a playground for children, an outdoor ball game field, a ‘hyrlinki’ game that allows you to play curling in Hyvärilä style, a Finnish skittle field, and a lighted walking path, Kartanonkierros, that takes you to the Ellunkallio route. In winter, this same route is used as a cross-country skiing track.  You can rent various sports and outdoor recreation equipment from Hyvärilä, such as bicycles, canoes, rowing boats, kayaks, snowshoes and camping gear.

You can apply for regular sports hours at the sports and multipurpose hall PielisAreena for a whole season (application period is in May). Children and young people can come and exercise at discounted prices. PielisAreena is a great venue for various sports, such as volleyball, floorball and basketball. You can also try bouldering, a form of wall climbing that does not require the use of ropes or harnesses. The small gym offers all the basics.

Hobby facilities
Hyvärilä also has club and hobby facilities for rent, ask for more details!

Bookings and inquiries:

Hyvärilä Youth and Holiday Centre

  +358 401 045 960

The Youth Services of the City of Nurmes are implemented by the Hyvärilä Youth and Holiday Centre

The purpose of Youth Work is to support young people in their growth and development.  Youth Services work closely together with a range of associations and organisations in the field of youth services. Youth work carried out with schools and educational institutes as well as Youth Centre operations are at the centre of the work. Youth workers work with young people between the ages 13 and 29, and the activities are free and voluntary to the young people.

  Link to Nuorten Kulma youth work website


Porokylä Pharmacy
  Porokylänkatu 13, 75530 Nurmes
   +358 13 462 369
Open: from Monday to Friday 9 am–6 pm, on Saturdays 9 am–2 pm, Sundays of odd-numbered weeks 12 noon–3 pm

Valtimo Pharmacy
  Keskuskatu 36, 75700 Valtimo
  +358 13 450 046
Open Monday to Friday, 9 am–5 pm

Nurmes Pharmacy
  Kauppatori 1, 75500 Nurmes
  +358 13 480 061
Open: from Monday to Friday 8 am–6 pm, on Saturdays 9 am–3 pm, Sundays of even-numbered weeks 12 noon–3 pm


Pohjois-Karjalan Osuuspankki, Nurmes office
  Porokylänkatu 19, 75530 Nurmes
  +358 10 256 4400

  Porokylänkatu 9, 75530 Nurmes
  +358 10 338 1800

  Porokylänkatu 21, 75530 Nurmes
  +358 10 763 7612

Katuri transport service

The transport service is a form of public transport available to everyone in the City of Nurmes and Valtimo town areas. Anyone can order a Katuri ride for running errands. Katuri rides are operated based on orders, from your front door or an agreed on spot to the destination and back. The transport service is intended for people of all ages. The vehicles are wheelchair accessible.

  Katuri and other public transport – Nurmes


Nurmes is a home to several different associations that offer hobby opportunities and peer support and organise events.

  Information about association activities

Evangelical Lutheran Church

Diaconal work

What is diaconal work?

Diaconal work offers support during challenging life situations. If you need mental, spiritual or financial support during a difficult situation in your life or wish to discuss the matters in your life in full confidence, our diaconal workers are there to support you.

Don’t hesitate to contact us

  • if you are feeling lonely
  • if you are concerned about your relationships
  • if you would like to discuss spiritual matters
  • when you need support in the middle of life crises
  • when you would like to review your life situation and your financial matters
  • if you would like to be part of volunteer diaconal work

The workers are bound by the duty of confidentiality.

You can contact the diaconal workers by phone or via email.


  Anja Tuovinen

  +358 50 386 4921


  Sanna Tolvanen

 +358 50 386 4922



  Sari Kuittinen

  +358 50 370 1226


Bread aid in Nurmes on Tuesdays 12 noon–12:30 at the parish centre (Ikolantie 3).

In Valtimo, you can inquire about bread aid from the diaconal worker

  +358 50 370 1226.

Food aid on Fridays 3 pm–5 pm

  Itäkaupunki parish centre (Kehäkatu 72).

Grief groups

The Nurmes Parish organises guided grief counselling groups for people who have lost their loved one. The peer groups offer you the chance to talk about your grief and share all the experiences and matters related to the death of a loved one.

These groups are confidential and will remained closed after the first meeting. The group will meet 5–8 times, about hour and a half at a time.

If you would like to attend the grief group, please register with Sari Kuittinen

  +358 50 370 1226.

The participants will be personally notified of the starting date and place of the group meetings.



Координатор з питань імміграції/Immigration Coordinator

Outi Meriläinen maahanmuuttokoordinaattori 04010 45778 outi.merilainen(at)